We would like to introduce ourselves as a quality manufacturer of all types of Upset Forgings (Head Forgings i.e. one side forgings) of Shafts (generally Pinions for crown wheel and pinion sets, Gear Shafts, Pins and Heavy Bolts etc.) and all types of Small Gears like Bevel Gears, Rotavator Gears, Reaper Gears, Spur Gears for automotive, agriculture machinery like combines, tractors etc., and for any other engineering products. We are based at Ludhiana, in the state of Punjab, in India. Moreover, we are in this line of manufacturing with many years of experience. We satisfy our customer by providing them with forged parts as per their drawings, materials and other specifications.

Our products ranges from (Weight: 1 Kg to 15 Kg), (Round Bar Dia : 32 to 75mm), (Length: 150 to 700mm), (Material: alloy steel / carbon steel etc.)

Some of our products range includes :
"Auto, Tractor & Combine Parts, Shafts, Pinions, Axles, Differential Shafts, Rear Axle Shafts, Rear Teeth, Front Teeth, Stub Shafts, Gear Shafts, Transmission Shaft, Main Drive Shafts, Spline Shafts, P.T.O. Shafts, Hydraulic Shafts, Counter Shafts, Main Shafts, Intermediate Shafts, Clutch Shafts, Lay Shaft, Lift Shafts, Sector Shafts, Primary Shafts, Input Shafts, Bevel Gears, Spur Gears, Bull Pinion Shafts, Bevel Pinions, Spur Pinions, Heavy Duty Bolts, Hex Bolts with Collar, Wheel Spanner, Propellor Shaft Components, Center Pins, Pin Front Axle, Spindle, 1st & Reversing Gears, and many other domestic & export engineering items...... "